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Transition Assistance

Transition Assistance Companies will help relocating couples and families with job searches and career transitions and other unique family needs.  It is well-established that the success of relocation is directly related to the degree of happiness for the family on the home front.

A relocating Partner or Spouse has individual needs regarding transition and settling-in to a new location. Often times they desire to secure a new job or situation to accommodate their individual needs in the new community.  Many employers will support this by providing transition or job search assistance.

Services are designed to be action-oriented to achieve success in the relocating partner's timeframe.  Whether an individual prefers getting settled first, becoming immediately employed, or following another path, career assistance companies customize services to meet individual needs.  An attractive part of the recruitment package for a new hire could be assistance services for the spouse or partner who is uprooting his or her own career and life.

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