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Appraisal Services, Inspection Services,

Title, Closing & Legal Services

Relocation programs often require the use of services at the beginning of the relocation process to determine the value a property, verify the property’s condition, confirm the property can be conveyed to a new owner, and to obtain appropriate transfer documents.

Appraisal Services
There are times when relocation policies will require an impartial, professional opinion regarding the value of a residential property and will utilize the professional opinion of a real estate appraiser.  The appraiser will use his or her extensive training and knowledge, along with real estate activity in the area of the subject property, to determine the most likely range of value for which the home will sell. 

Many appraisers achieve accreditation from organizations that offer professional designations that are awarded upon successful completion of appraisal courses with comprehensive examinations, proof of experience, and other validation processes. Once designated, an appraiser typically must participate in continuing education programs.

Inspection Services
Purchasing a home is a big decision and buyers will want to know exactly what they are buying - whether it’s old or new - before signing on the dotted line.  A home inspection will aide in the purchasing decision by identifying possible defects in the home that may require repairs, through detailed information about the condition of the home and its fixtures. Inspections can be general home inspections that comment on everything that is seen, or very specific inspections that look at individual areas like the roof, well & septic, or a the structural condition of the property.

Title, Closing & Legal Services
Prior to acquiring a home pursuant to a relocation program, most employers require proof that the homeowner has clear and marketable title to their property. This work is performed by a Title Company, or through an Abstracting of Title performed by an attorney.

Any sale of real estate in the US requires the use of an attorney, title company or escrow company. This is part of the settlement process to convey real property. Many states require representation by an attorney, while other states may involve Title or Escrow companies to prepare the paperwork and legal documents necessary to convey title. Local Realtors™, mortgage companies or relocation management firms can provide referrals to such firms, if needed.

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